Anti-Oxidant Facial Sheet Mask Anti-Oxidant Facial Sheet Mask
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About anti-oxidant facial sheet mask

The detoxification face mask sheet is a detoxifying and purifying facial treatment for any skin type with blemish concerns due to environmental intoxication. After using the face mask, your skin texture is smoothened and refined, inflammation and blemishes are reduced, pores minimised, blackheads are removed, and your skin feels comfortable and healthy. Sparkel Glow contains a mint fiber sheet mask with antioxidants, moisturizing effects, antibacterial properties, and anti-allergenic properties.

  • pink rightMarrubium vulgare extract
  • pink rightAntibacterial
  • pink rightEmulsion mask base
  • pink rightVitamin C
  • pink rightGlycerine
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How to use facial sheet mask

How to Use Facial Sheet Mask
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